Private & Corporate Events

Belladonna is perfect for all private & corporate events - Whether it’s roving close-up magic during a cocktail event or dinner party or a magically theatrical stage show. Belladonna can offer you a personalized experience performing any style of magic you prefer.

Family Events and Birthdays

With clever magic routines that children of all ages will enjoy Belladonna is the perfect performer for your next event! Belladonna offers a range of packages ranging from a small 30 minute magic show to a complete package with Balloon art and Magic workshops and as an added bonus Belladonna can theme herself and he magic to suit your event theme from Frozen to star wars!

Standard Packages

  • Package 1-  1 hour Magic show 30 minutes + Balloon Art 30 minutes – 1 Balloon per child + Special Balloon cake for birthday boy/girl -  * Themed Character upon request  
  • Package 2- 1 hour Magic show 30 minutes + Games 30 minutes  *Themed Character upon request
  • Package 3- 1.5 hour  Magic show 45 minutes + Balloon Art 45 minutes – 1 Balloon per child + Special Balloon cake for birthday boy/girl - Themed Character upon request 
  • Package 4- 1.5 hour Magic show 30 minutes + Games 30 minutes + Ballooning and special balloon birthday caket 

Enquire today - Misses Magic Belladonna 

Festivals & Fundraisers

Belladonna has participated in many fundraisers over the years from various Cancer fundraisers, Children with special needs, Female protection groups and even public schools who just need a helping hand. Belladonna has a deep passion for helping others and knows how much help is needed in increasing awareness and improving the financial support. If you want to add a little magic to your next event please contact Belladonna today.

Alternative events & Product Launches

There is nothing more memorable than unbelievable stunts performed right in front of your eyes. Incredible physical stunts that are rarely seen in Australia and most likely not by a female performer! Belladonna is perfect for all Alternative events and Product launches. She will draw the crowd in have them on the edge of their seats and leave them with spectacular memories that will have them talking for years! Nothing is greater for business than word of mouth!

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Do you need an experienced professional to assist you in your next event? Belladonna Brabazon will be there for you every step of the way from designing Event concepts, Development and themes, Artist bookings - including contracting, logistics and administration, Venue sourcing and booking, Menu designing, decoration installations, Event and production scheduling to Event crewing and staff and more. Belladonna will be there from beginning to end, working with performers, technical staff and venue to ensure your event is the most memorable event of your life.

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