Based in Sydney's' North Western Suburbs at the base of the Blue Mountains a hop and a skip from Sydney's CBD is one of Australia's most unique Magic Entertainers Miss Belladonna Brabazon.


 Belladonna's style of magic is as classic as her attire and demeanor. Her handling of Parasol's and 'linking rings' are anything but cliche. Belladonna is a lover of the old school illusions created and performed by her brothers in magic long since forgotten. In keeping true to the classics of magic Belladonna often enlists in the help of her beautiful assistant and Intergalactic space Bunny and Magician in her own right Zatanna!  to assist her in some of her with some of her magical performances. Belladonna's magic has always been astonishing, jaw dropping and simply touching. She loves to defy gravity, bend the laws of physics making the impossible possible, reuniting her audience with their own love for magic, making it a truly memorable and special moment in their lives.

 Belladonna and her Side-Show

Belladonna also has an amazing love for the sideshow arts. Strictly suitable for Adult

Events only belladonna performs feats normally reserved for her male counterparts. Belladonna is well known for her Razor Blades and Human Blockhead performances as seen at the Power House Museum Ultimo!

  However the one performance Belladonna is most famous for and one that sticks with people the most is her signature act affectionately dubbed "The Geisha Glass walk". Belladonna is the only female performer in Australia to perform a 4 meter glass walk. It's a performance that truly shows her love for side-show.  

Belladonna's love and artistic interpretation of all of her side-show performances will truly leave you in awe. 








                         "Belladonna is truly one of Australia's most unique female magicians" 

                                                  - Jane Grimley Seen & Heard film festival 

The Misses of Magic

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